Codelocks chosen for use in military bases

CodelocksCodelocks’ range of access control products is increasingly being used in military installations. Be they for short term, personal or general access control needs, Codelocks Ltd are providing solutions.

In a recent application the CL1000 cabinet lock has been installed at the United States Air Force (USAF) bases at Molesworth and Alconbury.  The cabinet locks are being used on personnel lockers in the base fire station dormitories and a further application for kitchen cabinets. Specified by Independent Furniture Contracts the 300 cabinet locks in both horizontal and vertical formats provide the on shift staff quick and easy access to personal lockers and storage areas without the hassle of keys.

Electronic cabinet locks are ideally suited to such applications which have multiple users and short term occupancy.

Further afield, Codelocks CL600 mechanical and CL5000 electronic locks are being used by the military at RAF Kandahar & Camp Bastion.

Controlling the movement of personnel and visitors through and around these bases is a constant challenge, now being assisted by the installation of these products.

The CL600 mechanical locks has a single code but has the advantage that the code can be changed in a matter of seconds on the door with the control key. This is a major advantage over other similar mechanical codelocks that need to be removed from the door to change the code.

The CL5000 electronic lock allows for multiple codes, one time codes and can indicate locked or unlocked status, all features that can be programmed in seconds on the keypad via the mastercode.

Both products are providing flexible and fast access control options in an environment that requires them at short notice.

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