Businesses urged to take identity fraud seriously

identity fraudDuring National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, the British Security Industry Association is urging businesses to take identity fraud seriously in order to protect both their own organisations and their customers.

Russell Harris, BSIA Information Destruction Section Chairman, says: “Identity fraud is a very serious issue, not just for individuals, but also for the UK’s business community. If fraudsters get hold of sensitive information about your business, they can obtain credit and set up bank accounts in your company’s name or arrange fraudulent transactions with suppliers. If your customers’ details are breached, you are also liable under the Data Protection Act.”

“The consequences of identity fraud are potentially huge – financial risk, loss of reputation and loss of customer confidence. In addition, there is the time and inconvenience involved in contacting the authorities and sorting out paperwork once a security breach has occurred.”

“There is a range of ways that businesses can protect themselves against identity fraud and one of the most important is ensuring that any confidential waste material is disposed of securely using the services of a professional information destruction company. A new European Standard (EN 15713) now exists which covers the secure destruction of confidential material and businesses are advised to look for an information destruction company that complies with this standard in order to ensure that their confidential information is destroyed securely and effectively.”

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