BT Redcare launches two new Fire products

BT Redcare FireBT Redcare has launched two new products aimed at the Fire Alarm sector.

BT Redcare, the leader in the Fire signalling market with its Redcare Classic product, has added Secure Fire IP and Secure Fire to their product portfolio.

Andy Fyvie, head of BT Redcare said “We’re proud that these two new products, as well as our existing Classic Fire product having crucial third-party certification that meets rigorous insurance requirements as well British and European standards for Fire alarm signalling.

We believe we are the only UK Company that provides LPS 1277 third-party certification on a fire alarm signalling system – crucial when considering recent EU legislation makes this a mandatory requirement of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for all products connected to a Fire Alarm.”

A key element of having the Redcare Secure product available for Fire Alarm signalling is that it allows dual linking of both Fire and Intruder signalling via one device. This can mean substantial savings for Installers and end users where Fire and Intruder alarms are installed together.

Andy added, “We believe many installers are already doing this, but they can now take advantage of this fully compliant product and install Fire and Intruder alarms together with Secure Fire IP and Secure Fire. It’s great news for us, for Installers and end users.”

Contact your Alarm Receiving Centre for pricing. There’s more information available on the BT Redcare website, contact one of our account managers or use the quick links below:

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