Bold and TWIG – the Complete Lone Worker Monitoring Solution

Lone Worker Monitoring Bold Communications LocaterThe TWIG range of devices have been providing effective Lone Worker Monitoring protection for lone workers in Europe for a number of years. Designed to be used in the most demanding environments, the TWIG Protector is light, rugged, uses low power and is water proof to IP67. In the event of an alert, the device transmits its GPS co-ordinates providing an accurate location fix of the user. For alarm verification, a two-way audio channel can be opened to the monitoring centre.

The TWIG Protector is now fully supported in Bold Communication’s Gemini platform. The lone worker alarm is presented in the Gemini software user interface in exactly the same way as conventional alarms and CCTV alerts, providing the operator the capability to listen in to recorded and live audio as well as identify the user’s location. Geofence functionality, which can be applied to users by schedule, is supported in the platform, together with a wide range of other features and comprehensive management reporting. With BS8484 lone worker compliance support, the Bold Locator software and TWIG Protector device now provide the total end to end monitoring solution for personal protection.

Bold Gemini monitoring software is used in a wide range of commercial ARCs and private control rooms in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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