APT Takes Executive Decision on New Barrier Range

APT BarrierA brand new ŒExecutive¹ range of reliable, fast acting barrier specifically designed for the most prestigious installations has been launched by APT Security Systems (part of the APT Controls group), the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems.
With its Executive range, APT believes it is meeting a very real need in the market, according to General Manager Chris Rowlands: ³Barriers of course have a practical function in controlling traffic flows and preventing unauthorised entry onto site,² he says. ³But that does not mean they cannot be designed to blend with the surrounding area, or reflect on the quality of the premises they are there to protect.

“With businesses, hotels and retail outlets increasingly concerned about brand, and about creating the right environment for their customers and staff, we believe that with the Executive range we have found a way of combining functionality with style, a barrier that is aesthetically designed but without losing sight of its primary purpose.”

The new Executive Barriers are ideally suited to sites with high traffic flow, with a strong barrier arm providing greater security control. The robust design and the advanced technology of the motion control mechanism protects components from the stress of high-speed operation, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Various models are available, with arm lengths of up to eight metres. The barriers can be tailored to include rigid curtains that attach seamlessly to the main barrier arm, stop discs, and sensing technology to prevent the barrier from causing damage to people or vehicles. A choice of controllers is available to suit all remote control devices, or integrate with ticket dispenser and coin payment units.

Each barrier can be provided in a style and colour scheme to meet the client’s personal requirements, finished in APT’s own production facility in

Visit www.aptcontrols.co.uk/apt-security-systems/ for more information.