ANPR Specialist RoadPixel Launches New UK-Made Camera Range

RoadWolf ANPR CameraRoadPixel, the International ANPR Group headed up by the founders and management team of CitySync, has launched the first of its new RoadWolf ™ ANPR Cameras.  The new analogue camera has dual varifocal lenses and has been designed to be both competitively priced and technically advanced appealing to installation staff and inventory managers alike.

The RoadWolf is suitable for use with a standard DVR to capture number plates or for use with ANPR recognition software.

Both of the Sony Effio ™ based cameras can be pre-set to capture traffic from 5 to 35m and the integrated infra-red led technology evenly illuminates the whole scene for high accuracy number plate reading. The auto-iris colour contextual camera delivers quality images even in challenging light conditions.

Lawson Noble, RoadPixel’s Chief Technology Officer commented:  “We started with a blank sheet of paper and designed in multiple features to make this camera perform better than many current offerings.  If the lens setting is not suitable for the planned installation then an on-site adjustment can be made using the varifocal lens rather than having to abandon the installation”.

The RoadPixel team has many years experience in ANPR technology having founded CitySync Ltd. in 1999 and growing the business for eleven years before selling it to a US public company in 2010.

The RoadPixel group has operations in the UK, the USA and Latin America focusing on the key current and emerging ANPR markets.   The US team is headed up by Robert Byerly who successfully managed CitySync’s US business.  The European operation is run by Frank Thomson and Lawson Noble who have been developing advanced ANPR hardware and software since the mid 90’s.


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