Digital Video Recorders – The Next Generation

End Users tend to purchase Digital Video Recording solutions to capture evidence of criminal activity, to ensure the safety and security of staff and visitors to their premises, prevent theft, deter arson and vandalism, and as a cost effective remote monitoring solution that offers instant alarm response. With the ability to satisfy all these requirements effectively, the new Vectis HX digital video recorders (DVRs) from Security Products from Siemens are setting new standards for performance, convenience and future proofing.

Building on the vast experience of Security Products from Siemens in DVR technology – more than half-a-million cameras worldwide are already monitored by the company’s DVRs – the new Vectis HX complements the existing Sistore products, providing the features needed to meet the requirements of today’s most demanding applications, and to continue to do so well into the future.


In response to the increasing demand for detailed high definition images in security applications, Vectis HX DVRs benefit from the 3 x security industry H’s – Hybrid, H.264 and HD – and a combination of these three features in the Vectis HX results in a convenient, quick, powerful, and cost effective system.


While the Vectis HX has been designed with the latest high definition IP cameras firmly in mind, users of existing systems with analogue cameras have not been forgotten. The new DVR’s hybrid capability provides full support for these older cameras, many of which may still have years of useful life ahead of them. This hybrid functionality makes it easy to upgrade existing systems in economical steps by first installing a Vectis HX and then replacing the existing cameras and domes with IP versions in stages as budget becomes available.


The high efficiency of H.264 compression benefits end users with a potential cost saving of up to 15% on an existing MJPEG installed system if they were to switch, and would free up 80% of bandwidth usage compared to that used by MJPEG storage to maintain the same quality of images. This is of particular importance for installations that cover multiple sites and have limited bandwidth inter-site links.


An integral HDMI port allows instant connection of modern high-quality monitors and the extensive configurability of Vectis HX DVRs means that it is easy to customise them to make full use of their outstanding performance and large storage capacity. The HD capability provides clearer pictures as the cameras connected to it are able to capture more detail, and as a result it is ideal for advanced application requirements such as crowd monitoring where individual faces need to be identified, or car parks and roads where number plates need to be recorded, or at cash registers where theft or fraudulent activity can be monitored.


The user interface is convenient and intuitive, thanks to its clear graphical interface with easy-to-recognise icons and its straightforward menu structure. Setting up the system for live video and for recording is therefore fast and easy.


To provide users and installers with maximum flexibility, Vectis HX DVRs are one of the first to offer full support for the latest ONVIF 1.02.4 open networking protocol. This means that they can be used not only with Siemens cameras, but also with cameras from a wide range of third-party suppliers. Users therefore have complete freedom to choose the cameras and domes that best suit their own specific application.


Thanks to their configurability and versatility the new Vectis HX DVRs are much more cost effective than systems requiring servers, and users also benefit from lower on-going maintenance costs. Owing to the flexibility in the choice of cameras and the intuitive operation, installation and configuration time and costs can also be minimised.

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