6-Way Mini Multi Sector Microwave Antenna for COFDM

Microwave Antenna

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas based in Cheveley, Newmarket, has designed a miniature Multi Sector antenna in the 2.0-2.7GHz band for use with COFDM radios.  COFDM systems are being used for national security and military applications where it is vital that integrity of video and data links is maintained, providing significant benefits in high multi-path environments by virtually eliminating fade in non line-of-sight situations through the use of spatial antenna diversity schemes.

This new multi sector microwave antenna, MSA6-2.4V/1795, is unusually small for its type, just 300mm x 155mm diameter (12 inches by 6.5 inches).   It consists of five sector antennas and one overhead antenna.  The five sectors each have up to 9dBi peak gain and azimuth beamwidth of 120 degrees.  They provide a high level of overlap to ensure that localized transient fading is eliminated.  The sixth, overhead antenna is up-looking for complete hemispherical coverage.  This maximizes operational flexibility of the antenna for rapid deployment, temporary and fixed installations.