Romanian mobile crime labs fitted out with Foster + Freeman equipment

All 41 regions of Romania are now covered by mobile crime labs which are fitted out with the very latest technology to help the police investigate crime scenes.

The vans will be carrying Superfume kits, portable cyanoacrylate fuming systems, and Crime-lite 80S kits, high intensity forensic light sources, from UK based forensic equipment manufacturer, Foster + Freeman.

Superfume kits will help CSI officers develop latent fingerprints at major scenes of crime without the need for transporting items back to the laboratory or dismantling fixtures and fittings.

The Crime-lite 80S kits are used to detect all types of evidence including blood, body fluids and fibres at the crime scene and offerlevels of illumination and ease of use that will increase the recovery of evidence.

The mobile crime labs are 4 wheel drive vehicles designed and equipped to operate in various climates and on any terrain, enabling the police to deal with any crime scene.

At the start of the project a prototype was created. The prototype came fully equipped and, based on The Romanian General Police Inspectorate approval, became the archetype.

The Mobile Crime Labs are 4 wheel drive vehicles designed and equipped to operate in various climates and on any terrain, allowing the sampling of all categories of traces and micro traces.

Equipments designed for sealing of a crime zone has also been included, along with lighting solutions, enabling undisturbed investigations as well as night-time investigations.

Every vehicle is equipped with the latest technology including forensic lighting, micro traces lifting kits, professional photo-video equipment and portable storage and image manipulation solution.

Foster + Freeman specialists travelled to Romania in April to help train police officers from each region how to use the new equipment.

Huw Jones, Commercial Manager for Foster + Freeman in the UK, said: “It was a massive project but one which Foster + Freeman was delighted to be involved in. To see all the vehicles being driven away at the end of the training was fantastic. We feel confident that the police forces will benefit hugely from the new equipment.”

The Romanian General Police Inspectorate will lease the vehicles from AGER, a leasing company in Romania, for the first three years before permanently taking possession of the vehicles. AGER are experts in financial leasing police special vehicles and latest technology equipment compatible with European requirements for Schengen space.

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