Videx Security has now added an optional video memory function to its Kristallo video intercoms range for door entry systems.  The intercoms can now store up to 128 still pictures and up to 66 fifteen second video clips.  The images or videos are date and time stamped and provide an extra level of security for any building occupier.  Furthermore, it is possible to copy these images to a micro-SD card, allowing them to be viewed on a PC or card reader.

Picture or video clip storage can be triggered automatically or manually.  When in automatic mode, the videophone stores a picture or a 15 second video clip upon receiving a call.  This enables the user, whilst away from home, to record visitors who have called, with the date and time stamp showing when the event occurred.

Kristallo videophones with the memory function also have two additional on-screen display menus, one to manage the operation and the other to manage and scroll through the stored pictures and videos.  The operation menu also offers the facility to select whether to store a picture or a video clip, to enable or disable automatic storing, to store manually and to enter into picture/video scrolling.

The complete Kristallo range of audio and video apartment units includes many advanced features including functional touch sensitive controls.
With their contemporary and elegant design, Kristallo units will complement modern interior designs and lifestyles.  They are available in either black or white, with a crystal smooth surface finish. Compact flush and low profile surface mounting versions are available.

The Kristallo range is designed for use in conjunction with the versatile Videx VX2200 digital door entry system.  This allows the Kristallo to be used on any size system from a single apartment through to large communal installations.


For more information contact Videx Security Limited, 1 Osprey, Trinity Park, Trinity Way, London, E4 8TD, Tel:  +44 (0) 870 300 1240, Fax:  44 (0) 20 8 523 5825 or Unit 4-7 Chillingham Industrial Estate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 2XX, Tel: +44 (0) 870 300 1240, Fax: +44 (0) 191 224 1559 or Email:   or visit their website at

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