Videx Security’s GSM access control systems now have a capacity for up to 1000 apartments, or are suitable for just a single property.  They are now available in both the popular 4000 Series and vandal resistant versions in standard and digital keypad/LCD display formats.  They provide users with complete freedom of control and are a truly wireless access control solution.  They use mobile phone technology to communicate with and operate doors or automatic gates. 


Both GSM kits and systems are available with 1- 50 call buttons or with a digital keypad and LCD display.  These systems allow a call to be made to any mobile or land line, allowing a conversation to take place and the door or gate to be released.  They are ideally suited to gate systems and remote site installations as no cabling back to a telephone is required.


Videx’s standard GSM door intercom system now has a number of new features.  The latest version includes a time band to disable or divert calls outside certain times, a silent dialling mode for additional security and the facility for additional diverts on call buttons, with up to five diverts for up to ten button panels.


There is an input to identify if a door or gate is opened or closed on the standard version.  A further feature is dial-in to release a door or gate at no change to the caller. This feature can support up to 250 dial-in numbers for the standard systems and 2000 for the digital system.

Programming options depending on the version specified include SMS, PC (Via USB connection), dial-in (Using DTMF tones) and via the front panel’s keypad and display.  A number of useful features are included for the end user including dial-in to open the speech or release a gate or door and SMS messages to query the balance, latch a gate or door open, check signal strength plus many more options.


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