Foster + Freeman equipment to help with security during 2012 European football tournament in Poland

Border security forces in Poland are preparing for the Euro 2012 UEFA football championship ­– to be hosted by Poland and the Ukraine ­– by fitting out special buses which will enable them to quickly check whether ID cards and passports are counterfeit.

Thousands of football fans from across Europe are expected to descend on the area when the competition kicks-off on June 8 until July 1, 2012.

Poland has just launched 22 mobile buses which are all fitted with Foster + Freeman’s VSC4Plus equipment.

The VSC4Plus can identify counterfeit documents in a matter of seconds. It can check for the majority of security features commonly used to prevent documents from being forged, such as watermarks, holograms, retro-reflective images, UV- activated features, anti-Stokes features, ICAO coded data, and invisibly embedded data.

It is equally effective on passports, visas, birth certificates, driving licences and many other ‘feeder’ documents offered to the authorities in support of applications for passports and ID cards.

Until the 2012 football tournament kicks off the buses will be used to control the external borders in the Schengen area. They are also used to spot check individuals wherever the border security police suspect illegal immigrants are operating, such as at markets and remote borders.

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