FLIR Systems launches FLIR Sensors Manager

FLIR Sensors Manager offers powerful and efficient management capabilities for any security installation with FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras. FLIR Sensors Manager allows to automatically locate FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras in the network and to easily control them. Just connect the thermal imaging camera to the network, install FLIR Sensors Manager and hit the “discover” button and you will be able to manage and control the camera. Thanks to FLIR Sensors Manager, the management of FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras over a network will become extremely easy.

Easy to use

FLIR Sensors Manager is a commercial “Out of the Box” software. Fully designed and supported by FLIR Systems, this application guaranties an intuitive and simple user experience. Just install the software and you will be ready to use it immediately. Users can even tailor the layout to your own needs.

Different versions available

FLIR Sensors Manager is available in two different versions: Basic and Pro. Depending on your exact needs and your security network, you can choose the version that best fits your system’s requirements. A free demo version is available and can be downloaded from our website.

Basic: The Basic version of FLIR Sensors Manager allows to discover sensors in the network, display network video, define presets, manage scan lists, create panoramas, show thermal images on multiple monitors, capture images or display Nexus* sensors on a geo-referenced map.

Pro: The Pro version of FLIR Sensors Manager contains all the features that are incorporated in the Basic version, plus a number of useful modes that will help you make the most out of your security network such as Video Analytics, Video Motion Detection, Target Detection, Software based tracking of moving objects, electronic stabilization, radar cueing and display of radar tracks and video wall display.

Connect a large number of sensors

Both the Basic and the Pro versions of FLIR Sensors Manager allow multiple users to share monitoring and control of multiple FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras in a network, managing up to four sensors per workstation. Different license packages to manage more cameras are available. Additional sensor licenses can be added to manage up to 50 sensors from a single workstation. Packages can be upgraded so that FLIR Sensors Manager can grow together with your security network.

More than FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras only – control a wide variety of sensors

FLIR Sensors Manager not only works together with FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras. Using Nexus technology, it can also be used to control a wide variety of other sensors like radars, fences, ground sensors and many others and to make these sensors interact with FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras in so called “slew-to-cue” configurations.

Support for multiple languages

FLIR Sensors Manager can be configured to work in different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese and Polish. (*) Nexus is FLIR Systems’ innovative technology for managing Sensor Networks

About thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is the use of a thermal imaging camera to “see” thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermal, or infrared energy, is light that is not visible to the human eye because its wavelength is too long to be detected. It’s the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as heat. Infrared allows us to see what our eyes can not.

Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a clear image. In contrast with other technologies, such as light amplification, thermal imaging needs no light whatsoever to produce an image on which the smallest of details can be seen. Thermal imaging provides full visibility irrespective of the prevailing light level and weather conditions. It can see in total darkness, in the darkest of nights, through fog, in the far distance, through smoke and is able to detect anyone hiding in the shadows. It is used for security and surveillance, maritime, automotive, firefighting and many other applications.

About FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of thermal imaging cameras for a wide variety of applications. It has over 50 years of experience and thousands of thermal imaging cameras currently in use worldwide for security and surveillance, maritime, automotive and other night-vision applications.

FLIR Systems has four manufacturing plants located in the USA: Portland, Boston, Santa Barbara and Bozeman, one in Stockholm, Sweden and one in Paris, France. It operates offices in the Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, USA and the United Kingdom. The company has over 1,700 dedicated infrared specialists, and serves international markets through an international distributor network providing local sales and support functions.

If you would like more information about FLIR Sensors Manager, thermal imaging cameras or FLIR Systems, please contact

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